Use Cases


This pilot will target on the deployment and operation of all available technologies for continuous communications, enhanced Situational Awareness and improved health and safety conditions for First Responders, according to a big fire scenario in a Wild land Urban Interface zone (WUI). 


A complex emergency scenario (i.e. collapsed building and fire) necessitates cooperation between multiple agencies. As the fire incident might get out of control, the available manpower of First Responders has to be distributed carefully in the affected area to conduct SAR operations, and control and distinguish the fire.


Fire and Oil Spill

The maritime industry is exposed to many security-related challenges, that are even more serious in port areas. In terms of safety, between 75 and 96 % of marine accidents are a result of human error, often a result of fatigue. In addition, over 70% of marine casualties and incidents in Europe take place in ports or coastal areas.