Objective 1

To identify the Situational Awareness requirements of First Responders and specify how the proposed mission-critical networks and applications can reflect these requirements in cost-effective and SELP-aligned manner.

Objective 2

To develop and provide to First Responders equipment tools with continuous connectivity for protecting them against multiple unexpected dangers, and facilitate their operations by upgrading COP and Situational Awareness.

Objective 3

To deploy and use on demand connected fleets of UAVs for improving personnel safety and ensuring seamless access to video and sensor data for all types of First Responders involved in the project.

Objective 4

To extract knowledge and directions for training exercise of First Responders with respect to the usability of the proposed tools and applications, so as, each end-user can be fully familiarised with these new technologies.

Objective 5

To deploy on site and in position experimental testing and perform real-world validations of the developed network-enabled equipment tools and applications using the training facilities available by our Responder Partners.

Objective 6

To execute large-scale demonstration at the Port of Valencia, based on concrete application scenarios for Police, Fire Fighters, EMS, and pilot cases, targeting to a COP. After the demo, provide evaluation reports and references. 

Objective 7

To design and establish novel practices for the interaction between First Responders and research centres, so as, the newly introduced network tools and applications will be easily understood and smoothly incorporated.

Objective 8

To disseminate and communicate the project technological, conceptual and practical outcomes for raising impact awareness on Responder organisations and the wider community, and exploit synergies with other EU projects.

Objective 9

To provide an exploitation strategy and develop a business marketing plan for the potential commercial rollout of the RESPOND-A project results, either as a whole solution or partial components.