Mission Critical Systems: C2 and Communications

Mission Critical Systems: C2 and Communications


Incident Management which is adaptable to the nature of the using entity (Police, Security company, Firefighter, Emergency Medical Teams, First Responders).


A secure 5G application that allows real time information exchange between LEAs.

Data Format Fusion (DFF) by 8BELLS

High-level multimodal data fusion mechanism for different data types acquired by the various RESPOND-A platform sensors, communication devices and data.

Nightwatch by CLS

A cyber-physical threat detection tool that enables the detection and classification of cyber-physical attacks targeting RESPOND-A’s UAVs.

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5G System by NCSRD (RAN) and ATH (CORE)

A portable 5G Base Station, All-in-One (Core and RAN).

FlexControl by Vicomtech

FlexControl is a web-based tool that allows the orchestration of content in C&C centre.

GeoVislayer by Vicomtech

Web-based Command and Control application with geospatial visualisation and geocomputation capabilities.

SiVi by SID

SiVi is a human-interactive visual-based anomaly detection system that is capable of monitoring and promptly detecting several devastating forms of security attacks. 

ATM core technology

Licensing and supply of ATM core technology (aeronautical/UAV wireless/satcom technology) to partners with existing (provider/operator) access to first responder markets is an option for future exploitation. Beyond the hardware and software products, such collaboration may also entail the provisioning of satcom capacity/airtime via existing relationships with satcom operators.

Mission-Critical application by ADS

The MCX application gives First Responders reliable access to voice, video, multimedia, files and location information. Instant sharing with a defined group of people at the push of a button to meet the needs of Public Safety organizations.

Mobile Mission Management by ADS

MMM is a collaborative mobile application for smartphones, tablets and PCs. Whether it is an alert or a planned mission, whether deployment takes place on an external site or inside a multi-story building, and whether or not blueprints have already been obtained, the MMM application allows to establish a detailed status report of the situation in a few minutes, as well as geo-locate it if necessary.

PLANET by Atmosphere

Universal mobile router equipment for autonomous vehicles connectivity, or for real-time critical mission data exchange.


TALENT provides E2E services by managing resources in different domains including Cloud, Edge, and Satellite, where a specific domain manager is responsible for the resource management tasks in the corresponding domain.