Augmented Reality

The RESPOND-A consortium has organised its first in a series of open workshops addressing new technologies for first responders. The event, titled, « How can Augmented Reality (AR) enhance First Responders’ Capabilities” took place online on April 20th 2021 between 10:00 and 12:00am CET, gathering around 140 participants from more than 40 countries across Europe and beyond.


The event introduced the RESPOND-A project to interested stakeholders and discuss the relevance of AR technologies in first responders operations/training as well as their integration within the RESPOND-A platform. The EU-funded FASTER & INGENIOUS projects also shared their perspective and experience on working on AR as part of their projects.



Marie-Christine BONNAMOUR (PSCE)

How can Augmented Reality Enhance First Responders’ Capabilities

Prof Georgios Boustras
Dr Cleo Varianou Mikellidou
Dr Christos Argyropoulos
(European University Cyprus)

RESPOND-A, An Introduction

Harbil Arregui  (Vicomtech)

How can AR be used to improve first responders operations: Αn Οverview

Valenciaport Foundation

A Practitioner’s perspective on the use of AR


AR for First Responder: INGENIOUS perspective

Kostis Konstantoudakis
(Visual Computing Lab – CERTH/ITI)

AR for First Responders