The project

RESPOND-A Consortium  consists of 34 participants that form a complete group with many areas of expertise capable of achieving the project goals. The project aims at developing holistic and easy-to-use solutions for First Responders by bringing together the complementary strengths of its Investigators in 5G wireless communications, Augmented and Virtual Reality, autonomous robot and unmanned aerial vehicle coordination, intelligent wearable sensors and smart monitoring, geo-visual analytics and immersive geospatial data analysis, passive and active localization and tracking, and interactive multi-view 360o video streaming.

Apart from the training activities, RESPOND-A will actively engage the Responders participating in the project, as well as external stakeholders, in training activities and a set of concrete and attractive pilots for the RESPOND-A platform. Although the RESPOND-A system and components will be suitable and configurable/tunable to serve a wide spectrum of operations, the project will focus on three incident management scenarios. This means that both the configuration of the RESPOND-A prototype, the tuning of the AR/MR tools, the selection of robot and aerial platforms, as well as the final demonstration scenario, will concentrate on three Use Cases including joint operations of firefighters, EMS, civil protection and police. Besides, the system will be easily adapted to other cases.

The four major Common Global Capability Gaps for the Responders’ operations, highlighted by the International Forum to Advance First Responder Innovation (IFAFRI):


The ability to know the location of Responders and their proximity to risks and hazards in real time;


The ability to detect, monitor, and analyze passive and active threats and hazards at incidents scenes in real time;

Hazardous agents & Contaminants

The ability to rapidly identify hazardous agents and contaminants;

Incident command operations

The ability to incorporate information from multiple non-traditional sources into incident command operations.