RESPOND-A Training activities: Lessons learned

RESPOND-A Training activities: Lessons learned

The objective of RESPOND-A training activities was to develop a methodological approach to train the First Responders on the use of the RESPOND-A technologies, responding to their specific operational needs:

·         Gain an understanding about the potential use of the project technologies in emergency situations, and particularly in those resulting from hospitals: Body and environmental sensors, Location and emergency management systems, Cyber security, Augmented Reality.

·         Increase the level of readiness of the technologies in preparation for the project pilots.

·         Gain familiarity with the project use cases that will be deployed during the pilots.

·         Gather feedback from the First Responders in terms of requirements for the further development and fine tuning of the technologies

A summary of the lessons learnt of RESPOND-A trainings is available below

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Information and various promotional materials about the 5 trainings carried out in the lifetime of the project can be found by scrolling down the page.