Month: December 2022

 6 EU-funded projects gather as part of the Nicosia Risk Forum to address innovative technologies for first responders 

On 16 November 2022, as part of the Nicosia Risk Forum 2022, 6 EU-funded projects participated to a clustering session on new technologies for first responders at the initiative of the RESPOND-A Project. The session allowed projects working in the same field to connect as well as share knowledge and lessons learnt. Inter-projects initiatives are…
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The RESPOND-A projects organises its last webinar to address Robots and UAVs to support crisis management operations 

 Robots and Unmanned vehicles have a plethora of uses to support and enhance the safety of first responders. From firefighting robots, providing a Common Operational Picture through UAV imagery, to reconnaissance capabilities, these highly modulable technologies are very promising and are playing an increasingly important role in crisis management operations.  On 29 November, the RESPOND-A…
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