RESPOND-A organises a clustering session on new technologies for first responders at NRF2022

Text: RESPOND-A partners were happy to organise and lead a session on new Technologies for First Responders as part of the Nicosia Risk Forum on November 16th 2022. The session, which was broadcasted live during the event, featured presentations from 6 EU-funded projects (RESPOND-A/Search-and-Rescue/RESCUER/ASSISTANCE/INGENIOUS/TEAMAWARE) developing innovative technologies for First Responders. After the presentations followed a very fruitful open discussion on certain issues, common to all EU funded projects in this field (gap analysis, end-user requirements/involvement, exploitation, sustainability, standard operational procedures, adaptiveness new technologies). The session was informative for the public and also a great occasion for projects working in the same field to share knowledge. The recording is available here ->