RESPOND-A at the Congrès National de Sapeurs-Pompiers de France

RESPOND-A at the Congrès National de Sapeurs-Pompiers de France

On the occasion of the Congrès National de Sapeurs-Pompiers de France (127th National Congress of Firefigters of France), on 13-16 October, in Marseille, RESPOND-A, together with the project partner Airbus, had the great opportunity to present the project to over 250,000 French and international firefighters. Several players from the public safety sector attended the Congress and were eager to learn what we are doing to develop enhanced technologies for first responders.

We have detailed our latest activities such as our workshop on Augmented Reality, our joint trial in Athens and our recent training in Cyprus. All of these activities involve previously thought scenarios and the use of technologies designed to enhance capabilities and situation awareness during crisis and emergency situations.

On the last day of the Congress, we had the pleasure of welcoming in our booth the French Minister of Interior, Gérald Darmanin. The French President Emmanuel Macron also attended the event, delivering the concluding remarks on the importance of public safety and the rise of natural disasters, in particular, addressing the RESCEU, part of the EU Civil Protection mechanism: “Disasters know no borders, and with their increase in number and intensification in kind, we need a European vision to prepare ourselves for the future. That is why civil protection must be a priority for the French Presidency of the Council of the EU“.

Closing the 127th National Congress of Firefighters of France, Macron left some announcements:

➜ The creation of a single platform bringing together all calls to emergency numbers. It will be tested from 2022 and for two years across a wider region.

➜ The elimination of the employer wage premium on the fire premium allowing an average monthly gain of 45 euros.

➜ “The extension of the new loyalty and recognition bonus to all those with more than fifteen years of service.

The event:
The National Congress of Firefighters of France in 2021 was a unique occasion highlighting the 250,000 firefighters in France but also a landmark event for the national civil security projet. A project under the aegis of the National Federation of Firefighters of France, led by the association “Organizing Committee of the 127th National Congress of Firefighters of France”.