Month: January 2021

RESPOND-A Virtual General Assembly

The RESPOND-A’s virtual General Assembly has taken place on 27-28 January 2021. On 27 January all work packages were presented and task leaders also announced the current status of their work and plans for the future. On 28 January, all the technical aspects of the project were presented. Thank you to all the partners for…
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RESPOND-A welcomes Commission’s disaster risk report

As a project dedicated to increase the capabilities of first responders, RESPOND-A welcomes the European Commission’s report (DG ECHO) ­ “Overview of Natural and Man-made Disaster Risks the European Union May Face“. The EU publication presents the latest available evidence on disaster risks, such as floods, wildfires or diseases, that threaten the EU, drawing on the national risk assessments…
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RESPOND-A presentation at UPTIME Conference

“On 27th/28th January 2021, our project partner Athonet will host the first edition of the UPTIME conference at VIlla Griffone, Italy and briefly present the RESPOND-A project.  The conference is free of charge and celebrates 10 years of the Private LTE industry. The aim of the event is to look forward to the next decade…
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RESPOND-A 1st Newsletter

The 1st RESPOND-A Newsletter has just been published and is accessible here. Read More >